The Journey Begins.

To introduce myself, I’m Liv and I currently study BA (Hons) International History and Politics at the University of Leeds. I’ve just finished first year with a 2:1 grade, having studied areas such as the Cold War in Asia, the JFK Assassination, and post-colonial Africa among other subjects. I’m also an Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholar (UGRLS), meaning for summer 2017 and 2018 I’ll be joining a live research project and have the opportunity to undertake some research of my own. I’ll also be receiving training in leadership, public engagement, and project management as well as training in other key areas.

This blog will be part self-reflective, looking back on my experiences of first year and what I’ve learned, partly a way for me to create a detailed record of all training and opportunities I receive, and also how I will document my University journey.

So for those who may be reading, key features to look forward to include: How self-teaching myself to read and write Russian is progressing, further detail on the modules I’ll be studying next year (spoiler alert: there’ll be relations between the Great Powers 1919-1945), and what research I’ll be doing over the next few years.

I’ll be aiming to update this blog once a week, so pop in next week for an update on UGRLS!


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